About Us

Welcome to Wabo’s Pizza!

Since 1993 Wabo’s has been known for good food and bringing people together. Everyone meets at Wabo’s. Whether it’s a gang of young friends hanging out, enjoying a slice of Pizza, or some long lost pals who just happen to both be picking up a pizza or subs while visiting home for the weekend.

Wabo’s offers a unique dining experience. Our traditional pizza shop (located on the upper level) operated year-round and offers take-out as well as seating for 10 people. Key menu items are pizzas, subs, donairs, garlic-fingers & a variety of appetizers.

Every Friday night from late June through Labor Day Weekend, we have patio parties with live local entertainment between 8 and 11pm.


In the 70's, a group of vibrant and daring friends would gather to seek adventure and to strengthen the bond of their friendship. Nicknamed the WABO'S after their leader, it symbolized rejoicing, sharing, good spirits and brotherhood. To this day, people keep a fond memory of this particular group The WABO'S. Now 40 years later, a new group of friends follow in the WABO's footsteps as they strengthen their bonds and set out to make memories that will last a lifetime.